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and  to protect your Hair from Sun damage at any Summer Music Festival..


Nr 1:   Have the “Cochella Hair”.

Festival Hair is  a tough thing to get right. The Best way to stay cool  and have a hot hairstyle, is to get Kate Bosworth’s  festival braid. Hair accessories are a must, they  keep you cool and protected. Headband’s and Floral crowns  are  very popular this year again.




Nr 2:  Spring Hair Extensions

Get  the spring Hairextensions , feathers , colored hair, fake flowers, beads. etc .These extensions will perfectly match the boha style that is so trendy this year






Nr 3:  Parasols

Parasols are not umbrellas , and Umbrellas are  actually not allowed at most of the festivals. Parasols are  cool and they will protect you from the burning down sun

Nr 4:  Shiel your hair from sun Damage

The sun can really screw with your hair, so to shield-and repair-it from sun damage. My recommendation:  Condition your hair  very well with Ojon  color sustain pro, before you attend the summer festival, that will not only protect your color , it also  has a high SPF. Bring your leave in Clarins  Broad Spectrum SPF 30 , this will protect your hair and your skin at the same time,  and a must: dry shampoo , over washing  will make your hair dry and  to keep it clean, use dry shampoo for Kevin Murphy




Nr Five : Hats

Hats are  perfect for any summer festivals, and a must at Coachella every year. But be certain to choose the right one. Check out Kendall Jenner’s hot  cowboy look .

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