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How to match your Hair-color with the Color of your Clip in Hair- Extensions [ADD YOUR AFFILATE LINK HERE]

Matching “Multi-colored”,
Highlighted or Ombre hair
For hair colors containing two different shades or more: The best color to match, will most likely be the color you have the most of. Hairoverheel Hair-extensions are solid colored, so they will need to blend well with all of your other hair colors. And this also depends on what look you are going for. If you would like to “bring out” a certain color in your hair, that you may have less of, you may choose to match the color you have the least of in your hair already.
You want to clip in hair extensions that will pull all of your hair colors together well, and blend the most natural way possible. This may not always be an easy decision, and I can guide you on the best choice. My suggestions will only be suggestions, and I can not guarantee your perfect color match in any way. You always can buy a Color sample
Highlighted hair
The suggested way to purchase solid colored extensions for highlighted hair, would be to match your “underneath” shade. You should basically have two shades in your hair, if it is highlighted. Depending on how many highlights you have, you may choose to match one color or the other. And just like with multi-colored hair colors, you may choose to match the extensions with the shade you have the most of in your hair, or the least of.

Remember that the extensions will be clipped underneath your hair, so matching the color towards the bottom often provides the better results. For instance, if you have dark brown hair as your natural color, and blonde highlights on top, you may want to match your natural brown color. What can often happen, is by matching the light blonde highlights, you may end up with a three- way pattern. Light blonde on the top of your hair, brown in the middle, and then your long extensions would be light blonde. If you are adding length with the extensions, remember that any extra length you have, will be a 100% solid color. So any length you add, will only be one color. The only way to add length with our extensions using more than one shade, is to purchase two sets of hair extensions, in your two different colors.
Ombre extensions can be created using solid colored extensions. The best way to accomplish this, is to have your natural hair ombre-colored already. Trying to clip in a different color to your already solid colored hair in a different color, may not give the desired results. When your hair is already ombre, all you would need to do is match the bottom shade in your hair. The extensions will then blend with your bottom color, and your entire hair look will have an ombre effect.
Unless you plan to dye the extensions (which I highly do not recommend) this would be the best way to create ombre with Hairoverheel extensions. I do not advise to dye any human hair extensions. From darkest to lightest in shade. These are only examples, and I do not carry multi-colored extensions. The purpose of this illustration, is to guide you on which color to purchase, based on what fits the needs for your “multi-colored”, or highlighted hair.
For matching your highlighted hair color for more equality, you would: Watch tube Hairoverheel
1 Match the light blonde shade with our Beach Blonde color.
2 Match the light blonde shade with our Beach Blonde color.
3 Match the light blonde shade with our Platinum Blonde color.
The blonde highlights in the third example, have more of a golden tone in them. But the point is, you are matching the highlights with our extensions, not the majority color in your hair.


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How to care for hair-extensions [ADD YOUR AFFILATE LINK HERE]

How to care for hair extensions is and really should be one of the most important steps in your decision to get them. Extensions may be treated as regular hair, but long hair always need special attention. Hairoverheel soon offers quality products and special brushes.

Funny Question : – would you be happy with extensions that look good only about a month or so?
Of course not!
Taking care of hair-extensions is an ongoing process, Ladys , the results of which depend on you, your efforts and knowledge as well as your hair stylist So, before you decide to spend a serious amount of money, thinking that’s all it takes to have gorgeous hair, take a look at these helpful and easy tips on hair extensions maintenance:

1: BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH(watch the video here )
Most important as your fist step , Brushing you hair and extensions
Brushing your hair extensions regulary , 3 to 4 times a day and owning a proper detangling hair extension Brush is necessary and you should form an habit, as brushing your teeth fist thin in the morning
A soft bristle brush pro, or a Looper brush will be perfect for that job. Helping you detangle your hair without damaging and pulling hair out of the extensions.
You ask yourself : how do i brush properly my hair and the extensions?check out my video

Start at the bottom, as you would with your natural hair, detangling that area first before you move up to work on the top sections.
Be gentle with you extensions too, as pulling will cause serious breakage, turning your gorgeous, shiny clip-ins into a frizzy, dingy-looking mess no Lady would like to look like that . Usually i do not recommend brushing your Hair when its wet, since hair easy stretches in wet condition and it will frizz and break easier

2: WASH CAREFULLY(watch video here)
Your clip-ins probably won’t get dirty as often as your natural hair does, although that doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash them at all .
In fact, washing in crucial for the proper maintenance of hair extensions and there are a couple of rules to follow to make sure they continue on looking good.
Fist : Detangle before shampooing with your detangling brush pro.

Second: Use a good shampoo

Third: Be careful ! Wet your extensions bit by bit to prevent tangling using a downward motion(from the roots to the ends ) when shampooing and rinsing them.Rubbing can cause the hair to tangle . Of course can you follow up with your loop brush , or detangling brush , in case they start to knot but you must be super-gentle.

A nice, nourishing conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your hair-extensions maintenance routine.
Make sure before you apply the conditioner, your shampoo is good rinsed of and the hair is clean. Use conditioner after each time you wash your extensions, and you can apply the conditioner in the same way ,as your shampoo,( do not apply conditioner on your hair extensions root area, this can cause to loosen the bonds of your extensions) , brush out any remaining tangles carefully. After, rinse your conditioner out very well, and dry your hair gently with a towel. Do not rub! use downward motion from the roots to the ends .

4. LET THEM DRY NATURALLY(watch here the video)
Easier said than done, especially if we’re talking about non-removable hair pieces, but with clip-in hair-extensions, I highly recommend it. Place the hair-extensions on a save place and let them dry overnight, next day you can heat style them again, or just put them in ,in there natural way. Its better to avoid heat, but if you have to rush , and time is not an option in this moment, blow dry your hair and hair-extensions very carefully, use a low-heat setting to dry bonds and surrounding hair , use a soft gentle brush and with downwards motions.

7. STORE WITH CARE(watch video Here)
Your clip-ins, wigs or quick weaves need to be stored with love when unused!
Only that way you can rest and be assured, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises next time, when you decide to put them on.
Clean, condition, dry and detangle them first then place them in the Hairoverheel Storage Hanger bag , it looks sexy and its the best and esaiest way to store your beloved hair-extensions
After all, you don’t want to check on them after some time to find a moldy, discolored, messy bundle – don’t you?

8. Ponytail
In case , you don’t wear clip-ins and your gorgeous locks can’t be removed before sleep or intense physical activity, you can always sweep them back in a ponytail.
Make it a low one, in case you won’t be doing much more than just sleeping to avoid not only tangles but creases too, or opt for a high pony while exercising to limit their exposure to sweat.
Also taking care of your hair extensions in summer needs to include a serious cap-wearing habit as chlorine and salt aren’t your hair’s best friends.

9. Ask your supplier of the quality of your hair-extensions (read our Blog , where is the hair of your extensions from)
Are your extensions made of synthetic or human hair?
This is one inportant thing you must know for sure as maintenance of hair extensions differs significantly depending on the material.
Human hair can be brushed, straightened, curled, even re-dyed should you decide to change your hair color while synthetic strands usually can’t benefit from such things.
Some types of synthetic extensions can be styled using heated appliances although the general rule still says you can’t dye synthetic hair nor you should brush it too much.

Harsh pulling, wringing or a habit of knotting your hair tightly with no respect for its texture is a no-go if you want your extensions to last long!
Furthermore, this might even damage your real hair, causing the bonded length to break off and ruining your chances of having beautiful longish hair after the extensions are removed.

11. VISIT YOUR STYLIST REGULARLY(hairoverheel salon directory)
Even the best quality extensions need upkeep which means that caring for hair extensions also involves regular trips to the salon for a pro checkup.
Your hair can look absolutely gorgeous up to six whole months if you decide to follow the rules and check back with your stylist every 5 to 7 weeks for professional, thorough detangling, styling, chop and eventual re-fitting.

Alcohol based products are not the best ones to be using on your hair extensions as they will dry them out, matte them down and make your hair pieces prone to tangling.
if you apply a lot of alcohol-based products and failing to rinse them out fully and in good time can weaken the bonds and cause a lot of shedding