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What is the best hairbrush for my hair and my Hairextensions

By 11/05/2017 March 16th, 2024 Hair and Beauty, Hairextensions

What is the best hair brush for my hair and my Hairextensions


Are you sure you’re using the right hairbrush for your hair?

  •  Choose your brush wisely.

If your hair is prone to tangles, a densely-packed boar bristle ONLY  hairbrush is not your friend,. A paddle brush with boar bristle and plastic detangling pins  is the all-around best option for pretty much any hair type. “It detangles but is still gentle because the teeth of the brush are further apart and not too dense

Whether you have thick curls or static-prone stands, we have the best expert-approved hairbrush for you own hair, with- or without hair-extensions… Now get on…





  • use a hairbrush with  flexible plastic detangling pins and boar-bristles to help to detangle wet hair without breaking it.

  • the perfect hairbrush for ladies with thin hairs have added boar bristles, because it  gives the hair  volume without pulling or damaging your hair your your hair extensions, also it distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your ends. Keeps your hair healthy happy and natural shiny 

  • look for a hairbrush who has booth, boar bristols and flexible plastic detangling pins, for volume healthy easy and painless detangling.The massage effect of the brush increases the blood-circulation .This will also promote  healthy hair growth. 




How do I brush my hair properly

  • Work your way up.

Brushing your hair from the bottom up feels unnatural at first. But starting low allows you to tackle tangles along the hair shaft without the risk of pulling your follicle out of its root. Beginning at the bottom, separate your hair into horizontal sections and brush each layer one at a time until your strands are silky smooth

  •  Give your scalp some TLC.

We strongly believes that healthy hair begins at the scalp. That’s why we tells our  clients to pay special attention to their roots while brushing. “The aim is to drag the oils of your scalp through the rest of your hair,” she says. Sound like a recipe for greasy strands? Not so… “The oils of your scalp are ‘healthy oils’ that will actually strengthen your hair, not weight it down.” So when you’re done detangling, throw in a few long, fluid strokes from roots to tips to amp up shine.

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