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There is a good chance you’re considering possibly incorporating some hair extensions into your wedding look. Even if yo’ve never used them before, don’t be scared-your hairstylist can make them link perfectly natural. and to keep you from making common faux-hair mistakes, i got the following tips for the bridal hair extensions

Bridal hair extensions Dos:

DO: Find a perfect hair extensions color match  for your natural  hair.The best way to find the good color for your extension which match best your natural hair is,  if you match the mideshaft of your natural hair with the shade of the extensions. The Hair is usually a bit lighter there than your  actually color.

DO: Curl your real hair and the extensions together. This ensures that your natural hair and the extensions are completely blended in for a seamless look and that your hair looks like its all your own, only better.

STYLING TIP: Set your curling iron at a cool 300 degrees, and alternate curling 2 cm sections from the front to the back , for a more natural look. Always use heat protection for your hair and the extensions, I recommend Kevin Murphy for a healthy outcome.

DO: Make sure you wash and condition your set of extensions before your wedding day.Let them air dry. your want them clean on your big day, and washing will remove any product buildup created over time.


Bridal hair extension DON’Ts:

DON’T: Use to much hair! Using too many extensions can lick unnatural and will also be uncomfortable.You want to make sure  you still link like yourself on tour wedding day,. Trt clipping in just one set that will add both , volume and the desired length. You might see that it’s all you need.

DON’T: Clip in extensions too close to your hairline, if you do, they will be every uncomfortable and can also slip out to easily. Instead, be sure to clip the 1 cm away from tour scalp and 2 cm away from your hairline.

STYLING TIP: First tease the area and spray it with a hairspray ,( I recommend Kevin Murphy Session Spray) to create some grip for the extensions. This allows the clips to hold on to your  hair better and will prevent slippage

DON’T: Blunt-cut extensions, If extensions are cut straight across, the will not have any body of shape and you will look your wearing extensions.To ensure that they look their most natural , ask your hairstylist to attach them to your  hair and then cut them to custom fit your look. No one will ever ask if you are wearing extensions on your big day, but everyone will give you compliments on your hair!

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