Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us by phone if you have any unsolved question. We’re located in Barcelona, Spain: +34 684 355 861

General questions

How are HairOverHeel Clip-ins different?

Finally, HairOverHeel clip-in hair extension are available in Europe & and always contain the highest quality hair. Owning a set of HairOverHeel hair extensions not only saves you thousands of euros & appointments at the hair salon, also makes you feel happy and beautiful. HairOverHeel Hair Extensions are a onetime payment, with the convenience of at home custom application. If you need a glamours look for one day one evening, HairOverHeel clip ins are NOW available to Rent.Please see our Renting policy. HairOverHeel hair provides the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions and look even better! This is the ultimate DIY system for even the most inexperienced user, that only takes minutes to apply and seconds to remove, are easy to conceal, even with thin hair. HairOverHeel clip-ins gives you salon quality hair without spending the time or money.

When I receive my order, how will I know if they match my hair?

There will be a small hair stand you can check it.

What color do I choose?

When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your “roots” as that tends to be a different shade. The color match best for your hair will be from your middle length to ends, so choosing a color closest this area of your hair will give you the best results. We recommend to some of our customers to purchase 2 sets, if your hair has multiple shades.

What shade should I order?

You can contact me for a personal and professional advice by email or phone.

Do you need help choosing a shade?

Send us 3+ photos of your hair to get our personal recommendations of which shade would be the best match to

What kind of photos should I send?

Have someone else take the photos for you helps to get more accurate results. One from the front, side and back are best. Please make sure to include what the ends and back of your hair color look like, since that is the part blends with the hair extensions. Do not just send photos of your roots, or part of your hair color. Taking photos in natural light are very helpful (outside or by a window) to give us a good idea of the true color. Do not send photos that are taken in your bathroom lighting, or in direct sunlight, or at night Send us at least 3-4 images that you think are accurate and current representations of your hair color. Do not send photos that are old and out of date as to what your current hair color looks like. Don’t worry about what you look like in the photo! We don’t judge you or care whether you are wearing makeup or not. Your hair must be down in photos if you want a recommendation for Clip in hair extensions.

I have thin/fine hair, will HairOverHeel hair extensions be visible, will people be able to tell I'm wearing them?

HairOverHeel hair extensions are the ultimate DIY system for even the most inexperienced user, it only takes minutes to apply and seconds to remove, are easy to conceal, even with thin, fine and short hair! You will just need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it. Our clip-in system is suggested to be worn LOW ON YOUR HEAD making it easy to disguise and blend with your own hair. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help with additional disguising it if your hair is very thin. For the majority of our customers, no teasing is required to cover the tracks. We use small clips that have a silicone strip to help them grasp onto a small amount of hair in order to stay secure. These clips are designed to gently slide out if any pressure or pulling on the extensions occurs, therefore preventing any damage or breakage to happen to your own hair. They will not just slide out on their own though, even with fine hair. This is one of the reasons that clip ins are a much safer option than other hair extension solutions, which also makes them a perfect fit for fine or damaged hair. HairOverHeel Clipin hair extensions will not be visible if worn correctly. The beauty of HairOverHeel Hair Clip-in extensions is that they make achieving the look of gorgeous hair natural and easy whether you have thin hair, fine hair, damaged hair, for short hair.

What is Remy hair?

Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions. It means that the cuticles of the hair have been carefully sorted through to ensure they all run in the same direction. The strands have not been stripped, like most non-Remy extensions are. The cuticles have been preserved to create the most natural look, and keeps the hair from tangling. Because the cuticles run in the same direction, there is less chance that the strands of hair will “snag”, and cause tangling. Imagine trying to run your hand across a fur rug. When you run your hand across the rug in the right direction, the feeling is smooth, and easy. When you run your hand in the opposite direction, there is resistance, and with human hair, it can be a mess. This is similar to the way cuticles run on human hair. Non-Remy hair products are usually put together with the left-over hair, that is in the floor after cutting from the donor. Our factory sorts through every strand of hair, to ensure the cuticles are all running in the same direction. The “Remy” process makes our hair more valuable, because of the meticulous time put into each strand of hair.

Why is Remy hair more expensive?

One indicator that you have Remy quality hair is the price. It is the most expensive & the price is constantly increasing. Remy hair extensions are beautiful and more natural, so they look like the individual’s own hair. It will cost more to invest in Remy extensions, the results achieved are far more stunning and long lasting than by using synthetic or lower grade hair. Remy hair extensions can be styled using flat irons or curling irons, just like your own hair. It is wiser to invest in high quality Remy hair that you can expect from HairOverHeel Hair because wear time & durability will last a longer than other brands.

How may I contact you?

You can contact me by email or by phone / WhatsApp +34 684 355 861

Do real hair extensions clip in better than synthetic extensions?

Synthetic extensions can look very unrealistic and fake. You want the look of what is most like you own hair. That would be human hair. They blend the best, look the most natural, and you can style them just as you would your natural hair. Synthetic extensions will most likely melt when heat is applied. Yes, we said “melt”. Synthetic hair is plastic. Some companies claim to have synthetic hair that does not melt or burn. This may be true for very few companies, but the hair will most likely still melt with a higher heat setting on your styling tools. No one wants that. Always use human hair to be on the safe side, and you will not regret it.

What is the difference in price with HairOverHeel Hair vs. the other companies?

Our hair extensions are the finest quality of human hair on the market. Our prices are the very best, considering our quality. As an old saying, You get what you pay, sometimes the cheaper hair extensions may not be 100% Remy human hair, Our hair is made of pure Remy, double-drawn human hair. The terms “Remy” and “Double Drawn” are two of the highest-quality processes that can be done to human hair. These terms are explained above in detail.

What are the best products to use on my clip in hair extensions?

We suggest only washing them every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wear them. See our “Extensions Style Guide”. Never use a clarifying shampoo, always a shampoo with moisture for “dry” hair. This seems to work best. Try to stay away from shampoos containing the ingredient “Sulfate”. This causes excessive drying of the hair, and more about this can be found on our Style Guide as well. Deep condition after each wash. And always, always before heat styling, apply a heat protection spray. This will extend the life of your extensions when heat styling.

About the HairOverHeel hair extensions

Why are HairOverHeel Clip-ins better?

Finally, HairOverHeel clip-in hair extensions are available in Europe and always contain the highest quality hair. Owning a set of HairOverHeel hair extensions not only saves you thousands of euros and appointments at the hair salon, also makes you feel happy and beautiful. HairOverHeel hair extensions are a onetime payment, with the convenience of at home custom application. If you need a glamours look for one day one evening, HairOverHeel clip ins are NOW available to rent. Please check our renting policy. HairOverHeel hair provides the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions and look even better! This is the ultimate DIY system for even the most inexperienced user, that only takes minutes to apply and seconds to remove, are easy to conceal, even with thin hair. HairOverHeel clip-ins gives you salon quality hair without spending the time or money.

What length is avaibale for the HairOverHeel hair extensions?

HairOverHeel hair extensions come in 4 lengths, 40cm/16 inch and 45cm/18 inch 50cm/20inch and 55cm/22 inch inch. If you need longer extensions of special lenths, please contact us.

Will HairOverHeel Clip-ins hair extensions damage my hair and how long my extensions last?

No, no damage will occur, and unlike traditional salon extensions. HairOverHeel hair extensions should last you anywhere between 6 to 12 months or more, with everyday wear and proper care and maintenance. Clip-in hair extensions can be reapplied and styled daily. If using a curling iron or flat iron, we recommend first styling your own hair, and then styling the clip-ins similarly before clipping in. Although, we always recommend using the least possible heat styling while getting the most uses out of the hair before rewashing.
It is not necessary to wash your extensions after every use, after 15-20 wears or when they have build-up from styling and wear. Keep in mind, just like our own hair, any type of heat and styling products wears on the hair in time. These tips will save your own hair & extensions from extra unnecessary heat styling damage. Avoiding hairspray and other hair products will also prolong the life of your HairOverHeel hair.

Tip: Always treat your hair extensions as your own hair.

How many tracks are included in a set of HairOverHeel Hair?

We have different variations of sets: Each set includes 10 tracks with a different amount of clips and length.

One (1) 18cm wide weft with 4 clips
Two (3) 13cm wide weft with 3 clips
Three (3) 9cm wide weft with 2 clips each
Three (3) 5cm wide wefts with 1 clips each

Tailormade HairOverHeel:
Depends on your size and measurements of your head pelease send your measurements and we will contact you.

How many grams are included in each set of HairOverHeel Hair?

The extensions are double drawn and contain 180g. We measure the weight of the hair in grams. The amount of grams per set has many people thinking that determines how “thick” the hair is, but something the length of the hair is important as well.

Can I cut HairOverHeel hair extensions?

Yes, but we encourage you to get your HairOverHeel hair extensions cut by a professional that knows how to cut hair extensions for the most natural look. You can check out our “Hairstylist directory” for the perfect Stylist in your area. Since it is a different technique than cutting regular hair, it needs to be done right to avoid a choppy look. HairOverHeel hair is not responsible for any damages once the hair extensions have been cut. Do Not Razor cut HairOverHeel hair. Tip: Point cutting HairOverHeel hair keeps the ends looking the most natural.

Can I dye HairtoverHeel hair extensions?

HairOverHeel hair extensions are made of real hair just like your natural hair. Please choose the hair extension color that is closest to your natural hair color, we do not recommend dying the hair extensions, since many of them have already been specially dyed. Our goal is to supply you with the best quality hair extensions possible, and we have a very special dying process that keeps the hair in the healthiest condition. Further dying could damage the hair. DO NO bleach or dye HairOverHeel hair lighter. HairOverHeel hair is not virgin hair and has already been color altered and processed. Therefore, we never recommend coloring HairOverHeel hair, because we can not guarantee the outcome, if you do. HairOverHeel hair is NOT responsible for any dying process that customer does to the hair. Should you choose to dye HairOverHeel hair it is at your own risk and you cannot make a return or exchange once the hair has been dyed.

Will HairOverHeel hair extensions work with my very thin hair?

If you have very thin hair, HairOverHeel hair will definitely be the perfect match for your desirable look. Depending on the severity of the thinning of your hair, you will need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help disguise it easier if your hair is very thin. For the majority of our customers, no teasing is required to cover the tracks.

Will HairOverHeel hair extensions stay in my hair without slipping out?

HairOverHeel hair extensions uses the best clips. Sometimes underestimated, clips play an important role in the comfort, durability, and safety of clip-in hair extensions. No matter the quality of the hair, the quality of the clips play a major factor in the length of time you can wear your clip-ins, the comfort level, and how well they stay put. HairOverHeel hair’s clips are small, silicone coated, for maximum comfort & safety. The special design of the small metal & silicone pressure clips allows you to put in and take off the extensions in just minutes and without the worry of sliding or snapping the hair. Our hair extensions are undetectable and natural looking when inserted properly. No teasing is necessary prior to clipping into hair for most hair types. These hair extensions creates a gorgeous look and is at the same time fast to set up and comfortable.

How long do these extensions last?

This depends on how you take care of them. Mainly, it depends on which products you choose to use on your extensions. By using our “Extensions Style Guide”, your extensions can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, with everyday use. The way they are cared for, will have great impact on the life-span of your extensions. Be sure to deep condition your extensions after each wash and only wash them every 4 to 6 weeks, as needed. If you only use them for special occasions, our clip in hair extensions can last for an unlimited number of years! The pure, Remy quality of our extensions helps them to last much longer, but this will not make them last forever. It is a common concern, that when your extensions are heat styled constantly, that you will see damage on the ends. Use a heat protection spray before applying heat and follow our full Style Guide. Avoid dyes, harsh shampoos and any other hair product you can live without. The only thing that will cause any change in texture to your extensions, is hair products. TEST everything first!

How to wash the hair extensions?

Use a shampoo with a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 and preferably sulfate-free. Hold the hair in a vertical position while massaging the shampoo in a downwards direction. Because the hair strands are not receiving essential vitamins from the scalp, use a conditioner that is moisture-rich. While conditioner is in the hair, comb through the hair from the end to the scalp using a wide-tooth comb. Rinse thoroughly and let the extensions dry by air.

How often should you wash them?

With a everyday use, you should wash them every 4-6 weeks. Use a moisturizing shampoo and a good deep conditioning treatment. When you start to have build-up of hairspray and other hair products, you should wash them too. Try not to wash them often, because unlike your natural hair, these extensions will not collect the natural oils from your scalp. The extensions have no way of replenishing their moisture. Any clip in hair extensions will dry out faster than your own hair and this is the case with any extensions brand. Our high quality extensions stays soft and shiny throughout its lifetime, but deep conditioning is needed.

Can you make these extensions into ponytail extensions without the clips showing?

Absolutely! It may take some practice, but it can surely be done. You may want to consider putting the extensions in a low ponytail for best results. If you want a higher ponytail extensions style, we suggest a tight and strong ponytail holder because of how much hair that is in our sets. Just grab from both sides as you normally would, and once the ponytail holder is in place, just rearrange your hair and shift it to cover the wefts. Our wefts are not bulky, so they are much easier to hide than others.

About the purchases

How can I place an order?

You can place your order here at our online store or by contacting us by phone +34 684 355 861. You can also visit us at one of our hairsalons in Barcelona. We are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns, as well as help you to place an order.

Can I purchase individual pieces/tracks of HairOverHeel hair extensions?

HairOverHeel hair extensions come in full sets of 10. For individual pieces you can purchase our tailor made packages. Please contact us for information.

What if my order is defective or my extensions have a broken clip?

If your product is defective please send a photo of the defect along with a description to our customer service at and we will gladly help you to resolve the issue. Although it’s an inconvenience, broken clips are an easy fix, as there are 2 extra clips included with each set of hair extensions and instructions on how to replace the clips, so that you can start wearing your HairOverHeel hair as soon as possible.

Why are HairOverHeel hair extensions not exchangeable/returnable if opened ?

Please understand that human hair extensions are hygienic products. We always take matters of hygiene and DO NOT ALLOW opened items to be returned for safety reasons. This is our and an industry standard, which is very important for us.

Does HairOverHeel have a return policy or exchange policy?

Contact us with your request and let us know what you need. We will contact you to find a solution and send you a return policy form, which you will need to fill up and submit. The first contact must be made within 3 days after receiving your product.

I need a refund or exchange. What do I need to do ?

First of all, give us a call and we will try to find a solution with you. Remember that the first contact must be made within 3 days after receiving your product, otherwise a refund or exchange is not possible.