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We see hair-extensions all over Hollywood red carpets, and they are a fabulous option for adding volume and length.

It makes sense, they could be a smart bet for a wedding hairstyle, to show off your veil or crown. —but is it the right move for you on such an important day?


“Clip-in extensions” are the most popular, for both, brides and the bridal party and they are a simple and effective way to get that perfect wedding-day hairstyle
It is an more affordable way to add length, volume, and color.
We do always recommend having a trial before your wedding, offering our hair experts at my Salon Nikoleta B. the opportunity to do both, customize and blend, as well to review different wedding hairstyle.

also, Ask us about Clipin-hair-extension and Clipins 4Rent option,

When making the decision of whether do, or not to wear extensions, first decide what you will be wearing and how you will want to style your hair.

“A good way to figure that out, is first to determine whether you want to wear it up or down,” says Martina Harrer, Owner of Hairoverheel Hairextensions. “
Extensions give you longer, thicker, fuller hair, that looks completely natural. They open so many more OPTIONS and CHOICES for your wedding-day hair-style and they do work for all face shapes and all ages.

“We get a lot of brides and bridal parties at my Salon Nikoletamakeup as most brides wear hair extensions for their big day,” says Nikoleta, Owner of Nikoleta B Makeup&Hair-extension Blowout Bar in Barcelona


Hair extensions can be a bride’s best friend.”


Depending upon the type of extension you choose you can have stunning long hair for your wedding day and your honeymoon as well as for up to 6 months after your big day.
ASK US what types we offer …..

What kind of extensions do we offer:



Natural human Clip-in Hair
Clip in extensions are temporary and just as the name suggests they can be clipped into your own hair whenever you like.They are ideal for your wedding day if you don’t want the commitment of longer-wear fitted extensions.
It’s important to choose the right bridal hair stylist who’s experienced with fitting extensions to avoid the tell-tale bumps in the hair that can be caused by the extension clips.
We have bridal stylist that can place your clip-in extensions strategically, just where you need them for your individual bridal style, to create length and thickness that looks natural.
We match your clip in hair extensions to your own natural hair shade. If you are looking to change colour, then do so before you purchase your clip in extensions in order to get a true match.
Curled and waved styles are perfect for blending your clip in extensions with your natural hair and look beautiful on your wedding day.
Hairoverheel in cooperation with Nikoleta Makeup Salon offers you a bespoke and couture range of clip in extensions that are individually tailored to your natural hair and your bridal hair style for your special day.



Semipermanent natural human hair-extensions like tape-ins are more discreet and virtually undetectable and are applied to your own hair ‘strand by strand’ and last for many weeks to months with the right  aftercare. They give you endless choice when choosing your perfect bridal style for your wedding day.

NEVER skimp on the quality of hair you buy or the fee for an experienced professional to fit your hair extensions.
ALWAYS have a consultation to decide which method of application is best for your hair type and lifestyle.


Ideally couple of days prior to the wedding day.
This will also give you time to get used to wearing them and caring for them
If you are planning to have colour make sure you have that done first so that your hair extension specialist can do a perfect colour match for your.


Are you getting some wedding hair extensions for your own big day? Do you think it’s worth the money? Let us know…


Everything you always wanted to know before getting hair-extensions for your dream bridal hairstyle on your wedding-day.


  • How can hair extensions help me to create my desired wedding hair style?

    Hair-extensions can help you create your dream hair on your big day with fuller, thicker and longer locks that feel and look completely natural. Make sure you opt for the best quality hair extensions brand.

    We carry Hairoverheel Hairextensions for premium quality insurance.

    Whether you need that extra length, volume, fade-free highlights or texture, hairextensions give you healthy, lustrous locks to help create the perfect hair on your special day.

  • I want to have my hair up for my wedding-day hair. Will the extensions show through?

    Because the extensions are 100% natural human hair and applied in small sections. The tapes or clip-ins allow you the freedom to style the hair as if it were your own – giving you endless styling options including a casual, modern or traditional look.


  • Will I be able to maintain my hair on my honeymoon?

    Following just a few simple guidelines and a little extra care in your haircare regime will keep your wedding hair extensions looking fabulous throughout their lifespan. If you are going to a hot climate country for your honeymoon, you can wear you hair

    up, down, style and even swim with them. Make sure you use quality aftercare products for longer lasting results. All aftercare information and products should be discussed with you by your extensions specialist, at the initial consultation and after the application of your hair extensions.

  • Will the extensions damage my hair?

    By choosing the right hair extension system, clip-ins or tape-ins and applied by a professionally trained and certified specialist, the wedding hair extensions will not damage your hair. Like other extensions who are attached with synthetic glues, waxes and clamps, Semipermanent hair extensions, like Tape-ins are easily removed with a special removal gel from a trained professional at the salon, causing no damage to your own natural hair.

  • How much will wedding hair extensions cost me?

    We will give you an exact price on consultation, as the cost depends on the quantity and length of hair extensions required in order to achieve the desired look.

    Our starting price is around 60 euros for Clipin 48h Rentals…

    We also offer special bridal packages which includes Make-up, Hair, Hair-extensions, wedding makeup and hair trials, nail services and on-location services (national or international).

    For more information , visit You can also find us on Facebook and instagram

Are you getting some wedding hair extensions for your own big day? Do you think it’s worth the money? Let us know…

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