Hi! I’m Martina and I’m your profesional hair health expert

Hair, long, healthy, shiny and strong, is the most powerful accessory for women of today… Healthy hair makes us feel confident and sexy. I suffered myself with my thin hair which never wanted to grow longer than the tip of my shoulder and not to mention the missing volume. I felt incomplete and insecure. I asked myself how the other gorgeous women manage to have such beautiful hair. My self-confidence shrank down and I felt undesirable. After searching for solutions to make my hair voluminous, thick and still natural looking without spending a lot of time to maintain it, I tried several extensions companies. And all of them failed. I lost my trust in the mass market hair extensions industry.

That kind of hair never fitted my needs. Cheap-looking hair, too thick or too heavy; these extensions were not shiny, neither stylish. Being a hairstylist myself, I was never satisfied with the handling, the quality, the color and it never fitted my head shape or my own color needs. A close friend of mine, Dr. Nina Otberg (Doctor of Dermatology and Hair health Expert in Berlin, Germany) recommended me a wigmaker who also designs high-quality, tailor-made hair extensions.

HAIR.. makes us feel confident and sexy. I loved them! I wanted to provide this experience to all my wonderful clients. I wanted to be your voice of trust. Now, I am providing my loyal clients with the highest quality of human, virgin hair, without any toxins and from politically correct sources. Do you have a special occasion in which you want to look fabulous? Are you getting married? Or are you going to a wedding of a Red Carpet event? Or just want to wear hair extensions every day like an accessory?

I can help you get the fantastic hair you deserve. Tailor made, measured on your head, extensions, which allows you to choose the level of quality. Everyone has a different and personal need for themselves. I take your measurements to find the best hair extension for your head, or you can send me your size.