Return Policy

Our “terms & conditions” are taken very seriously and will not be waived for any reason. If you place an order, or rent our extensions, you will have to agree to our terms & conditions which include our return policy. This is required so you won’t be able to place your order until you check the box and agree to our terms & conditions during the checkout process. Please do not purchase or agree with these terms if you do not, in fact, agree with all of our terms & conditions.

*Custom Extensions are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for any reason. More details are listed at the bottom of our return policy.

Our Return Policy (including exchanges) is as follows:

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can return or exchange any item for any reason (excluding custom extensions) that you purchase from us as long as you follow our guidelines listed below.

Unlike most hair extensions brands, we are so confident with the quality of our hair extensions that we allow you to open your hair extensions packaging and fully inspect them to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you decide if you want to keep your hair extensions. However, we will not accept the return or exchange of any hair extensions that have been worn or damaged in any way. Also, if any hair products (e.g. hair spay, dye, conditioner, etc.) are placed on them or if they are styled or heat-treated in any way, they will not qualify for an exchange or refund. The hair extensions must remain in their original, brand new condition. We have various ways to determine if the hair extensions have been worn, and if this is the case, they will have to be returned to you without a refund for health and legal reasons. Please check the hair and make sure that the color matches your hair color before applying the extensions. If the color doesn’t match, you can exchange them and get a different color for free.

If you decide that you would like a refund or exchange, you must contact us by email at within 3 business days of receiving your package. This email will serve as proof that you contacted us within the required time-frame. Exceptions cannot be made unless you contact us by email prior to placing your order to make special arrangements.

When we receive your return or exchange request, a representative will confirm whether or not you qualify for a return and provide you with return instructions including a link to our return form. You will have 3 business days to complete the return form and mail your item(s) back to us once we send you return instructions. The postage date will serve as evidence that your item(s) was shipped back to us within the required time-frame.

Refunds will take up to 2 business days to issue after we receive your item(s) back. If you paid by PayPal, the funds for your purchase will be available to you instantly once we process your refund. Credit card and debit card refunds typically take 2-5 business days before the funds are available to you after we process your refund.  This will depend on your bank and is something that we have no control over.

If our return policy is not followed in any way, no refund or exchange will be given. If you send the item(s) back to us after violating our return policy, the item(s) will be returned to you. Please contact us prior to placing your order with us or do not place your order if you are unable to comply with our return policy.

NOTE: If you are giving hair extensions as a gift, be sure to look them over to make sure that they are going to work for the recipient. You have only 3 days to decide on keeping them.


A grace period will given if you need consultation about an exchange of color, length, etc… or even with a refund. First contact must still be made within 3 business days. We understand that most of the communicating will be done through emails which can sometimes be slow, so if you need questions answered before returning the item, we will be happy to work with you. We are very fair, and we only ask that you will be fair as well.

We offer no Warranty or Guarantee: If you damage your hair extensions in any way, we are not responsible and will not refund or exchange them. Our Style Guide is provided for our customers to guide them through the handling and caring for our hair extensions. Any substances or hair products that you, or any other person, places on the hair is out of our control. Please TEST all hair products before using. If at any time, we feel the hair has been damaged by hair products, dying the hair, etc.., you will be denied an exchange or refund. No hair products, washing, styling or wearing of any kind are allowed to be eligible for a refund or exchange.

We are not responsible for hair extensions that have been damaged with hair dye. We can not accept extensions back that have been color dyed, under any circumstances. We do not advise you to dye our extensions, because the results are very unpredictable. It depends on the hair’s genetics, what brand of dye is being used, what color you are using, etc. We do not suggest dying any human hair extensions so if you do this, we can not be held responsible for any outcome. We will always try to help you find your correct color match, and will issue as many exchanges necessary to help you along as long as our requirements are met. You should only dye them if you have no other options.

Custom Extensions: Custom hair extensions are not refundable for any reason. This is noted on each custom made product. Any Custom Extensions that were purchased, and not customized yet, may be cancelled. There is a 25euro cancellation fee that will be deducted from your return-of-funds. Please be absolutely sure about your purchase before ordering any custom hair extensions.

y placing your order, you are agreeing to these terms. Our representatives are here to assist you with any questions you may have, and can guide you through the purchasing process. If a mistake is made on your or our end, please contact us within the required 3 days of receiving your product.



Please allow up to 2 business days for your exchange to be processed and shipped after we receive your item(s) back. You will receive a shipping confirmation email including tracking information just as you did when you first ordered.

We are not responsible for any special occasion or function you may be attending that requires you to have the hair extensions refunded or exchanged by a certain date. We can not speed our process of shipping exchanges or returning funds to your account.

When you qualify for a refund or exchange, we will only correct the transaction upon receiving the item(s) back to us. We can not issue refunds or send replacement item(s) before we receive the previous order back from you. There are no exceptions.


Shipping Exchanges

Please make sure to let us know if your shipping address has changed. Otherwise, your exchange will be shipped to the address you provided us with during your original purchase.

In Spain,  we will exchange your item(s) with no shipping charge on our end as long as you don’t require expedited shipping. We will issue up to 2 exchanges with free standard shipping to you. The cost of shipping the item(s) to us will be your responsibility. If you need more than 2 exchanges, we will require a shipping fee. We will issue as many exchanges as necessary until you have found your correct item.

Internationally: You will be responsible for all shipping fees to and fromHairOverHeel. This includes any exchanges. Since the shipping cost is your responsibility, we will use your preferred shipping method. When a representative contacts you, this will be discussed.

We do hope you understand our policy and understand that we are as fair as we can possibly be. Most other hair extension companies do not allow you to open the package at all and still receive a refund or exchange. You may open our package and fully inspect our hair extensions, but you must contact our company within 3 days of receiving them and follow our full return policy.