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The Best way to store your luxury  human hair-extensions

…You so  happy with your new set of hair-extensions.  They are so soft and clean, nothing is tangled and the “Brand New” feeling  makes you excited . After wearing them couple of  times you  don’t really know where to Store them. You leave them in a plastic bag,  in a box, or don’t store them in anything at all.

Not only, that your luxury hair-extensions do not deserve to be treated like that, also, it will shorten there  live-expectencie.

It is not very glamorous to keep your expensive  hair-extensions without proper care and storage.

” Thats why I came up with a solution for you. Every set of HairOverHeel hair-extensions comes with a proper, practical  and beautiful bag and wooden  hanger..”





But the question rises : In what condition can I store  my hair-extensions?

-Make sure your clip on hair extensions are tangle free and clean before you store them. Some styling       products can damage, weaken, tangle, dry, attract dirt.

-It is important to completely dry hair before placing your extensions in your carrier storage bag. Storing wet hair will lead to the development of mould and mildew and an unpleasant odour.

-Its very important that you hang  and align your extensions to keep them soft and tangle free.
-Remember that exposure to sunlight bleaches hair. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. The closet would be a perfect place.




If you have a busy life, traveling , working and running around, this will  fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

The carrier bag fits perfectly in your luggage, or purse without damaging your valuable clip-in hair. You can store all kinds or hair-extensions in the carrier. From your human hair, virgin hair, natural hair hair wefts to your Tape-ins.

Enjoy you new fun bag and for a long hair extensions live 


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