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Wedding and Bridal-hair ideas with HairOverHeel clip-in hair-extensions.The best and hottest bridal hairstyles with clip-in hair-extensions this season.


Whether you’re getting married, acting as a bridesmaid or simply the guest of honour at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles Ideas for you.

Hair extensions for your special day

Irresistible, eyecatching, beautiful, and gorgeous
. That’s how you want to look and be remembered on your wedding day.


Picking an outfit for a wedding (be it a wedding dress, bridesmaid attire or simply a great wedding guest outfit) can be tough, but deciding on a hairstyle can often be even harder. You want to pick something on trend, but also want to make sure the look is timeless. If you choose to go with more long and volume Hair, HairOverHeel Clip-In Extensions instantly give you long, thick hair for your wedding day that would otherwise take years to grow. And unlike your wedding dress, you can use Hairoverheel Clip-Ins again and again. Did you know that hair extensions were used for centuries in weddings up styles to enhance the look? Remember the beautiful pictures of your parents wedding?

Anatorres model for a bridal shoot   Anatorres model for a bridal shoot                            Anatorres model for a bridal shoot with clip-in hair.


Model: AnaTorres

How to Use Clip in Hair Extensions on Your Wedding Day?

On your wedding day, you want every detail to look its absolute best, from the centerpieces to your dress and everything in between.

– You want long, luscious hair on your big day? But you have short or thin hair, don’t be discouraged! By using clip in hair extensions on your big day, you can recreate any hairstyle you love.

There are so many different options out there that it can be nearly impossible to narrow it down. Here are some of our favorite bridal hairstyles that you can rock by using clip in hair extensions.

Long Beachy Waves

Bride with beach waves hippy style and hair-extensions by HairOverHeel

One of the biggest hair trends this year is long, beachy waves. Flowing long hair that is loosely curled can make for an elegant, yet natural look for your entire bridal party.

By utilizing clip in hair extensions, you can create the most beautiful waves in your hair, no matter what length it currently is. Working with a hair stylist, they will strategically place and style the pieces of hair to give you a full, natural looking head of hair.

Clip in extensions can seamlessly blend into your natural hair and give you additional weight and body for your big day.


Full Bouffants

45cm dark brown clip-ins with melissa @cmartecreativo

No matter if you want to wear your hair up or down, bouffants are the perfect way to add immense volume to your hairstyle. Typically used in retro hairstyles, bouffants are also found in elegant updos, high ponytails, and half-up, half-down styles.

For many with thin hair, this can be quite a challenging look to achieve. By adding in clip in extensions, you can use the bulk of your hair to achieve the look of a bouffant, without losing body throughout the rest of the style.


Elegant Updos

classic bridal hairstyle with strawberry hair-extensions

Every bridal magazine or publication is full of brides with some of the most beautiful updos. Full body, Intricate details, and accessories are seen in just about every style.

Clip in extensions are virtually unseen in this type of hairstyle. Your hair stylist can strategically place pieces of hair to add body to your hair to create a perfectly full, yet elegant updo.

Mermaid-Like Braids

fishtail big hair wedding style


Braids are very in this wedding season. Side-swept, long braids adorned with flowers can give any bride a perfect bohemian touch. Using clip in extensions can take your braid from meh to mermaid.

Because your hair will be swept to the side and contained in a braid, you won’t have to worry about exposed hair or clips being shown. They can be secretly tucked away under your natural hair, giving you the most natural look.


Long, Straight & Sleek

Weddings HairOverHeel

For a more sleek and stylish look, brides choose long, straight hair. Straight hair parted down the middle is one of the hottest trends in hair.

This simple, hassle free style can be made better with clip in hair extensions. Not only can add length, dimension, and body to your hair. You can create a more polished and defined look by simply popping in a few extensions.

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