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Wedding season is in full spring, and while you may be more worried about location scouting, guest lists, DJ versus band, or your soon to be mother in law, don’t forget about your hair! As I worked an several Wedding , there have been a few details that have been brought to my attention.  I thought I would share them with you, because you hair should be one of the first things on your  Bridal checklist. 





Who Will Style Your Hair, and How? 



In some cases, booking your stylist needs to be done as soon as you set that date. Along with photographers and caterers, stylists get booked up too, especially during wedding season!

You may think that you’ll be using your go-to stylist, but think again. They may not want to take off a Saturday at the Salon to style your event, and often times the same stylist that does your color and fabulous blowout doesn’t actually perform other styles, like updo’s. Talk about this early on, even if you can’t use them for your event, they may know someone you can use.

The number one thing you should speak with your regular stylist about is you cut and color for the event. I wouldn’t try out a trendy new cut, or a bold color before your big day, leave the experimentation until after. To make sure you have the color, length, and style you desire; be sure to speak with your stylist up to a year before. If you’re anything like me and only need to get color every 6 months, start planning now!



Will you need extensions? 



Whether you are wearing you hair up or down, extensions are sometimes needed; to add extra length, body, volume or style cohesiveness. Discuss extension options with your stylist with ample time to plan, most likely you can get away with a few clipins , wefts or tape in’s if needed – just make sure they match your color! You might not think so, but adding extensions to an up-style will not only enhance the style, it will improve the longevity as well.

Which brings us to our next point…





Trust me, if it is going to be hot out, those extensions will kick things up a notch. When planning for your hair always think about the weather and the dress! How can you make sure you complement your dress while adhering to the weather. For the most part, up styles will transcend any temperature, humidity, or wind situation. However, having your hair up might not be your style. It is important to think about all of the outside factors of location, especially if your location is outside. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, and want to wear your hair down, you are going to need to apply ample products to your hair during prep and continuously to make sure it stays place and doesn’t frizz.

Always Do A Trial

You wouldn’t wear a wedding dress that you hadn’t tried on before, so please – do not hire someone without doing a trial! You want your day to be perfect, and so do we, so opt for paying for a trial run.



Brides – This Is How To Get The Look You Want On Your Wedding Day




As a stylist, I know that when it comes to your wedding day – the struggle is real! Whether you’re a low key bride or an expert stylist, tensions run high on wedding days and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. . My wedding gift to you is these tips to achieve the best you.



You may think that you’re an expert communicator, but waves to one person could mean curls to another. I’ve had plenty of circumstances where I thought (as a stylist) that I would be able to get exactly what she  wanted, pix are the gate you your perfect hairstyle 



I know,  weddings are expensive! You may not want to have to pay for multiple trials with different stylists, but this is the BEST way to get on the same page before the big day. You really do get what you pay for and investing in spending time with your stylists is also a great perk for a seamless day.



Makeup and hair are usually some of the biggest beauty components of your day. It is important to put your makeup artist and hair stylist in touch with each other. It is also a great idea to discuss in detail or introduce the two, so they see the total vision.



Looking in the mirror is one thing while taking a peek at pictures is another. It is a great idea to have someone take a few snaps of your finished style from a few angles to see exactly what your wedding photographer will see.



Once you’ve made your final decisions about hair and makeup, be sure to book early. If a stylist is taking a Saturday off from the salon, they’ll need plenty of time to prep and plan ahead.



You need to be able to talk to your stylist. If there is something you don’t like, be sure to speak up and tell them exactly what it is. People aren’t mind readers, so make sure communication is clear.




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