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7 Reasons Why Wedding Season is Actually THE BEST


Its not to overlook anymore,…… tons of  good and bad advice for your Wedding preparation is taking over the Internet, whether we like it or not. Its all about what not to say, what never to do, what is the best and hottest dress this season and what hairstyle goes with it


Wedding Barcelona


Also there is an increase in anti-wedding lists. Apparently, a large portion of the population lives in great  fear of wedding season.


I don’t want weddings to ever go away.


Wedding Barcelona


  1. PLAYING DRESS UP: Adulthood offers little in the way of getting dressed up just for fun (because putting on a suit for a job-interview…. its NOT).. Actually going to these glam Bridal fashion shows like the Barcelona Bridal week to see a Top-Level Catwalk show ist worth the hazel .

Wedding Barcelona Hairoverheel



2. IT’S, LIKE, HOW CELEBRITIES LIVE. The more weddings in a single summer, the less plans I have to come up with on my own. I don’t have to choose between my neighbors’ dog birthday party or my boss’s Paint Night; sorry, I’ve got to go celebrate love!

wedding Barcelona



3.This is the  time to get Hair  done from a Professional:  Doing your hair everyday, or actually every other day, with all these bad hair day in between. This is something to look forward to. Gettig  your hair done, in a Celeb way of Style, as you always wanted it. You can go as big, as long and sexy as you always dreamed of. Even you can add some more Hair with  hair-extensions without feeling out of place.


Wedding Barcelona Hairstylist


4.Finally.. you can decide on your  Makeup…. you looking for recommendations…. from all your friends . you  getting all the cool makeup gear without feeling guilty, “since you need it for your wedding day”. You  scroll through all the Pinterest  pictures to find you match .. Its YOU time

Wedding Barcelona Hairstylist


5. Flowers.. the time to smell.. Its sensual.. Flowers are the big eye candy. The wedding season is great to get inspired from all the wedding invitations you got … to look for your florist match 

Wedding Barcelona


6.Cake.. yeahhhhh ome season of cake tasting without regret.. its a must




7.Last, but not least…… It should be Nr 1, but normally, you need  to be inspired first,  by the “Wedding Season”  to find your perfect wedding-planer. Perhaps  one of your wedding-invitaitons , or a recommendation, you will know when you feel the most light and taken care of .. 




And then next year.. you ready to Plan your own wedding 

  1. Wedding Barcelona Hairstylist Clip in Hairextensions

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