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Hairextensions are the easiest way to switch up your hair to a longer, fuller, more voluminous style, it is fun and it’s one of the best (most non-committal) ways to achieve a major hair makeover. Your hairstyle options are practically endless when it comes to extensions-they give you even more freedom to rock unexpected cuts and colors. Trust, once you look in the mirror, you’ll feel like a whole new woman–Suffice to say, it’s easy to get lost in the land of extensions because they just make you feel and look flawless

There are a few different types of extensions you can get. One option is sewn-in extensions that are applied with a needle and can last up to three months. If you’re going for a one-night type of hair vibe, clip-in extensions are an easy, non-adhesive option that allow you to clip them in and out of your natural hair. …..But let’s talk about the happy medium of the crew: Tape-in extensions.

If you’re a lover of thick and voluminous hair that has a sleek and natural look, these are for you. Even better? You don’t have to commit to them long-term if you don’t want to. The installment and removal process is seamless and on average can cost anywhere from 200 to 800 Euros 

“The benefits of tape-in extensions “

  • HairOverHeel Tape-ins  are incredibly easy to apply and to remove, don’t damage your hair, and look more natural because they lie almost completely flat against the head, where as other types have thicker bases that stick out.”

  • HairOverHeel Tape-ins brought the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 45- 60 minutes,They allow for easy and save  removal, the ability to reuse the hair, and the ability to maximize placement options giving the client a more natural, clean look.

  • Another great benefit of HairOverHeel tape-in extensions is the option to do a single-sided tape installation, which is a great solution for women with very fine, thin hair.”  

  • If you’ve suffered from hair breakage due to extensions, tape-ins are a safer option for you. They are ideal for clients recovering from the aftermath of severe color breakage. Individual bonded extensions and sew-ins take exponentially longer to master. Additionally, it’s a lot more difficult for clients to cause damage with tape-in extensions at home during their everyday wear and tear on their hair.

  • Those with more of a fine hair texture will benefit from the thickness and volume they add. A lot of  women have thinner hair and don’t want to have a full head of extensions. But they still want the look of thicker hair. I only do tape-in extensions for my clients because I wanted to customize the amount of hair for clients of all ages and hair types.

  • One of the best things about Hairoverheel Tape-In Extensions is, that they lie flat, allowing for a more natural seamless look and feel. 

  • Tape-ins are known to last for 6 to 12 weeks and they also create the utmost sleek and flat look in your hair. The base of the hair weft for the tape ins are very thin. 

    It’s also the newest, innovative extension technique to hit the market. “Tape-in extensions are the latest in technique compared to other extension styles,” 

The Installment Process

Tape-in extensions are about an 1,5 to 4 cm  wide.One very thin strip of your natural hair goes in between them. The way they are placed is like a sandwich—your own hair actually gets taped between two strips of hair extensions. The Single-Sided version is the same process, only there is one tape with hair and one without  in an Sandwich technique 

You can’t do them correctly yourself. The precise amount of hair that goes in between each tape-in and how straight the section needs to be is impossible to do by yourself, especially when you’re applying them to the back of your head. Plus, the placement of the extensions plays a big role in whether or not they’re going to look natural.”

 How exactly to Take Care of  Them

Depending on the Quality of your tape-ins, they can last up to eight  to twelve weeks. Reused up to 3 times

Remember that your natural hair grows, so if you’re using them simply for fullness, your hair will overtake the tape-in wefts on length overtime.

Recommended is that you brush your hair at least three times a day with a hair extension brush with specialized bristles that don’t pull on your extensions bond. Be sure to wash your hair less frequently and invest in a good dry shampoo. When it is time to wash your mane, one of the most important things to do is use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Do NOT apply any Oils or Mask on the bond of the extensions, they will losen up and fall out.

“With proper care, HairOverHeel Tape-Ins can last up to  6 month to 1 year. Maintaining and moving them up due to hair growth every six to twelve weeks,” 

Also, be aware of the amount of water on your hair. “Just don’t allow much water or friction to hit your hair, “At night, you should clip up your hair, or braid it and when showering use a shower cap to cover your hair.

Tapein to try 

“The quality of the hair combined with the ease of the application and removal has been a major game changer. Not having to remove glue from a clients hair is amazing. It makes it easier for the stylist to take them out while also protecting the integrity of the clients hair.”

 “I started hearing about tape-ins from Women living  in the EU. Finally, they really waned to try. I use them already for many happy Years in LA  in my Salon in Beverly Hills, where they have been a Necessary for long time. “Matching the highest quality of human hair on the market with the right medical grade adhesive, tape-ins are really important to me. 

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